Thera Botanics 100% Male Review: Ingredients, Results & Possible Side Effects

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are or what you do for a living. If you’re a man in the modern-day world, then you’ve probably heard about male enhancement products at least once in your lifetime. The idea of improving the penis isn’t a new concept either, regardless of whatever your lame, jealous roommate keeps trying to tell you. In fact, fellas were subjecting their crotches to some pretty questionable things long before the first supplement was ever invented.

Fast-forward a few thousand years and guys are no longer forced to attach heavy weights suspended by rope to their dicks and balls. That crap didn’t work very well anyway, plus it was painful and looked ridiculous. Contemporary scientists and sexual health experts have worked hard to keep us from regressing back to those days, with high-quality male enhancement pills that contain safe, natural and effective ingredients. It’s a great time to be alive, but I still feel sorry for our ancestors because they didn’t have access to supplements like 100% Male.

What is Thera Botanics 100 Percent Male?

The product in question is a natural male enhancement pill that’s backed by an outstanding guarantee from the manufacturer. Apparently, it’s supposed to supercharge your sex life in numerous ways, although none of them are directly tied to the size, shape or functionality of the penis specifically. The proprietary formula is designed to boost the user’s libido while increasing their sexual stamina, so most people use it for support with specialized sex toys, penis pumps, extenders and/or exercise plans as opposed to a stand-alone product.

How Does It Work?

The supplement called 100% Male apparently works by promoting optimal body functioning in the key areas of a man’s physique, thereby improving this ability to feel aroused, get an erection and make love for longer. Its secret is in the patented blend of said ingredients, with combinations and amounts not disclosed to the public and unlike anything else on the market. In fact, the manufacturer is so confident about its effectiveness that they offer a “Love It or Return It” guarantee and even give out free trials to qualified men.

Thera Botanics 100% Male Ingredients

This little pill has seven active ingredients that give it its potency and power, although none of them are man-made. Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s inside each dose:

  1. Asparagus-Safed Musli – An Indian herb that boosts sexual virility
  2. Tribulus-Gokshur (aka Gokhru fruit) – A berry used to help increase stamina and endurance
  3. Asteracantha-Kulikhara (aka Gokulakanta) – Another berry used to promote the production of healthy reproductive tissues
  4. Shilajit – An anti-aging component used to rejuvenate the sexual energy
  5. Mucuna-Kapikachhu (aka Kawach) – A natural plant-based elixir that improved vitality
  6. Curculigo-Kali Musli – An energy booster
  7. Withania-Ashwagandha – A natural alternative to Ginseng that reduces the negative effects of stress

While the exact amount of each ingredient is unknown to everyone but the manufacturer, users get to enjoy a smooth, slow-release effectiveness that involves zero jitters and absolutely no disruption to their appetite. However, that doesn’t mean 100% Male has no side effects because, quite frankly, you want it to or else it’s a completely worthless product.

Possible 100% Male Side Effects

Side effects are one thing, but negative side effects are something different entirely. I get sick of using male enhancement supplements that make me feel like shit just to grow an inch or get my sex drive back. What good is a boosted libido when you’re nauseated and nervous all the time? There’s nothing worse than wanting to have sex but not being able to because your tummy aches. As for the 100% Male pills, there have been no reported cases of adverse side effects from taking the recommended dosage (which is two capsules each night before bed, by the way).

My Experience

According to the label, I was expected to wait at least a month before the full potential of 100% Male could be experienced. The product is made to build sexual stamina and arousal over time, that way your body is ready when you are. Instead of popping a pill each and every time you want to get a boner, you simply take two of these capsules before bedtime and call it a day. It’s not exactly the fast-acting formula I was used to, but I did appreciate having a more laid-back approach to being sexually proactive.

It was about two weeks in that I really started noticing a change in the way I had sex, masturbated and got turned on. After a week more, my libido was off the charts. This stuff really works, which was surprising considering how little I felt it affecting my body in the days leading up to my discovery. By the 30-day mark I was transformed into a horny goat that couldn’t get enough, and my partner’s hips haven’t been the same since.

The ingredients changed my performance and perspective so much that it trickled down into my relationships, sparking a fire in my lover’s pants the likes of which I hadn’t seen since college. Meanwhile, I had to supplement some of my sexual energy with toys and porn because it was almost too much to handle. So, while my penis stayed the same size and shape throughout the entire process, my love life was significantly improved and so was my confidence.

The Cheers and Jeers

I know I’ll never find a perfect male enhancement product because everyone’s body is chemically different so no single product can affect people the same. Still, I like to look at these kinds of things through an objective lens to determine whether something is worthwhile or not. Spending any kind of money on a luxury item can be scary, so here are the things I think you should know about 100% Male before forking over any cash:


  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Guaranteed to work or your money-back
  • Free trial available to qualified buyers
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Contained in a convenient screw-top bottle


  • Results can take up to 30 days to fully present themselves
  • Large capsules may be hard for some people to swallow

The Final Verdict

After a while, it can be hard to distinguish between MEPs because they’re all designed to do the same basic things for the user’s sex life. Because of that, it becomes hard for a product to stand out among its competitors, requiring many manufacturers to offer money-back guarantees and/or free trials for their supplements. Well, 100% Male is one of those supplements, although the manufacturer probably could have gotten away with selling the pills without a quality guarantee. Most men know what they’re getting themselves into with these things, plus the list of ingredients on the label is immediately impressive if you know anything about natural male enhancement.

This product reminded me a lot of my experience with a well-known male enhancement product called Max Performer, although MP gave me better-rounded and more robust results in a shorter amount of time. For men looking more towards improving their body’s response to sexual stimuli as opposed to boosting the size of their genitalia, 100% Male is a good choice with a gentle release that builds effectiveness over time.